Earlish start from Launceston Country Club this morning for the 95 mile drive to Cradle mountain.  Our esteemed tour leader was also out early with a Shammie leather drying off the morning dew from 10 DPG.  A Japanese tourist managed to back his 4×4 into 10 DPG yesterday evening and cause some front wing damage, the 4×4 driver did the decent thing and made his self known, still rather annoying for our tour organiser.

Stopped off in Deloraine for breakfast at an excellent Deli.  Then passed Villarett Gardens, we decided to pop in to have a look and stayed nearly two hours, I reckon it’s the best Garden I’ve visited and I’ve been to many.  The Gardens are a result of 40 years of work by Graeme and Linda Chugg who have created a sophisticated, stylish contemporary garden.

Finally got to Cradle Mountain, the last 30 miles of the Journey was memorable for the road that snaked its way up to the base through amazing scenary.  Views around the lake were superb, the water crystal clear along with wonderful shades of foliage against a blue sky.  Not much wildlife to see except for snake that was alarmingly close to the path around the lake, managed to take a picture of the four foot long predator, reckon it was a back tiger snake.  An untreated bite has a 50/50 chance of killing you,  I discovered this after I’d move closer to it to get a picture…..

Tiger Snake