Welcome to VPF220.com

The website that is dedicated to the Bristol 403 with the registration number VPF220. The site will show the restoration of the car and to document its trans Australian tour starting on the 29th March 2019.

The car is undergoing a complete restoration in time for the UK BOC’s Australia and Tasmania tour with the help of  BOCof Australia. The timing to get the car to touring standard has been very tight with long hours and many trials and tribulations along the way. The paintwork for VPF will be done after the tour so it was all about getting the car mechanically sound to take the rigours of a hot, long distance tour.

The car has just been shipped to Australia ready for its owners to arrive.  The map below, once the tour begins will track their progress along the route.

Check out the Australia Blog and our 2022 Turkey Blog for regular updates during the tour:

Australia tour photos:

Turkey tour photos: