A miscellany of Aerodyne re-commissioning.

I’d like to share some haps and mishaps when getting a 403 back on the road after more than 40 years of storage. The car was laid up back in 1977 after which the engine and gearbox along with various other parts were removed in order to embark on right to left hand drive conversion. The conversation got as far as modifying the front bulkhead panel for re sighting the pedals etc. After purchasing the car in 2015 my task appeared simple, just put the engine and gearbox back in and re-fit all the bits and bobs taken off to get the engine/gearbox out. I was over optimistic with regard to work involved and at the eleventh hour hand it over Spencer Lane Jones to get me back on track.

The following is aimed at fellow Bristol 6 cylinder owners who tinker with the mechanical’s.

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